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Crazy Time

If you have a penchant for multiplier bonuses capable of enhancing even with a modest wager, you're bound to adore Crazy Time. This gaming gem was revealed by Evolution Gaming, a connoisseur in live gaming, in May 2020. Initially, it presents itself as a novel wheel comprised of 54 sections. It supplements Evolution's repertoire, which already featured the Dreamcatcher wheel since 2017 and the Monopoly Live wheel since 2019. Since its initiation, the Crazy Time game has witnessed a skyrocketing triumph, with a concurrent player tally surpassing 30,000 in 2024, and this figure incessantly rises.

What are the distinctive features of the Crazy Time wheel ?

It features 45 segments that amplify the wager by 1, 2, 5, or 10, yet it distinguishes itself by integrating 4 distinct bonus games aligning with 9 of the 54 sections. To put it differently, once in every 6 instances, you engage in a bonus game, constituting the most profitable occurrence in Crazy Time.
In contrast, the probability of initiating a bonus round in Monopoly Live is confined to 1 in 13. Devoid of bonus rounds, a wheel may grow tedious, and Crazy Time's forte resides in avoiding monotony.

Initial Top Slot : Right before the host manually turns the wheel, a colossal slot emerges: two reels commence their rotation, with the first one determining a segment, and the second indicating the linked multiplier. This introductory Top Slot stage will considerably elevate the game if the segment chosen by the reel aligns with the one that will appear on the wheel. The multiplier has the potential to reach up to x50.

Promising profit possibilities : Crazy Time's forte is in leaving room for unparalleled gains in a live gaming experience. For example, when the Top Slot x50 multiplier intertwines with a significant x200 segment on the Crazy Time wheel, it yields earnings of 10,000 times the wager. Nevertheless, the chance of achieving a 160,000 times the bet victory is purely fanciful due to the exceedingly low probability. This would necessitate the implausible sequence of a Top Slot x50 followed by the most substantial multiplier segment, further amplified by numerous successive triples.

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Incredible Environment : within Crazy Time, the gaming experience takes place in a backdrop that nostalgically whisks us away, possibly to the Belle Époque period. The games are influenced by historical eras, yet Evolution Gaming has breathed new life into them by infusing magnificent settings and state-of-the-art technology. The overall encounter is vibrant and full of enthusiasm, enhanced by performers donning period attire, contributing to the celebratory ambiance.

The bonus games available in Crazy Time

Pachinko : this game takes inspiration from the age-old shuffleboard game. In Crazy Time, the conventional board is substituted with an enormous pink electronic wall, and the shuffleboard puck is exchanged for a white disc. Unleashed by the host from the pinnacle of the wall, the disc maneuvers through obstacles to land on a location corresponding to a multiplier, ranging from x3 to x50. The possibility exists to escalate to x2500 if the initial Top Slot establishes a x50 multiplier. It's noteworthy to mention the opportunity to land on the 'Double' spot, doubling the winnings and prompting another spin of the disc.

Coin Flip : as ancient as coins themselves, this classic coin toss game features a blue side (Pile) and a red side (Face), each associated with a multiplier of up to x100. The maximum potential reaches x5000 if the initial Top Slot indicates x50.

Cash Hunt : evoking memories of shooting galleries with mobile targets at carnivals, Cash Hunt replaces the rifle with a cannon, boasting a collection of 108 moving symbols. Each target conceals a multiplier ranging from x5 to x100. When the x50 multiplier is activated on the Top Slot, the Cash Hunt's potential can surge to 5000 times the bet.

Crazy Time : eesembling the concept of hidden compartments in trains, the Crazy Time wheel steals the spotlight among bonus games. Accessed through a crimson door, this wheel epitomizes opulence, being the grandest and most benevolent of all wheels. Its 64 vibrant segments promise winnings, complete with dazzling multipliers, as the wheel commences its rotation in the heart of a fantastical realm. The prime segment delivers x200, and with a potential x50 multiplier, it can peak at 10,000 times the bet. This sum can theoretically escalate with the introduction of Double or Triple segments.