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Cash or Crash

By introducing the live game "Cash Or Crash," Evolution showcases its ongoing commitment to pioneering revolutionary gaming experiences. The creativity of this global leader in Live Casino services consistently reaches new heights. Additionally, commendable is Evolution's impeccable mastery in capturing images in high definition, coupled with glitch-free broadcasting—a proficiency that sets Evolution apart from its competitors. Classified under the category of games that Evolution labels as shows, "Cash or Crash" joins the ranks of other innovative titles like "Funky Time" and "Crazy Time." Similar to the latter, "Cash or Crash" provides the opportunity to capitalize on astronomical multipliers, reaching up to 50,000x.

How does Cash or Crash work?

Despite the game's outward sophistication, Cash or Crash boasts straightforward and binary rules. Players must decide whether to continue the ascent or descend from a dirigible. The immersive journey is facilitated by augmented reality, a state-of-the-art technology that transports players back to the retro ambiance of the Roaring Twenties, reminiscent of the era when dirigibles offered opulent airborne experiences.

The path of the balloon is simply controlled by the mechanical drawing of colored balls from a cage containing 24 balls: 18 Green - 8 Red - 1 Yellow

The player places their bet, and immediately the potential winnings scale appears.

If a green ball is drawn: the present players move up one level, and their available cash increases according to the following scale.

If a red ball is drawn: the game ends, and all present players lose their bets and the accumulated winnings up to that point.

If a yellow ball is drawn: it advances the players one level and gives the opportunity to face the next red ball. The extraction mode of the balls accelerates until a red ball is drawn.

The decision on Cash or Crash comes after the draw of a green ball with 3 options. The absence of decision is equivalent to continuing.

  • The player can continue and try for higher winnings and the higher multiplier in the next draw.
  • The player can choose to take half of their winnings and put the other half back into play.
  • The player can decide to leave the game with all their winnings.

How much does Cash or Crash pay?

The player's winnings are contingent on their willingness to take risks at each stage. Unlike other games, it is crucial to exercise self-discipline and exit the game while holding a significant sum before encountering the inevitable red ball. Opting to secure half of one's winnings presents a more manageable interim solution for a player on an upward trajectory.

Level reached Multiplier + Yellow Ball
20 x 18,000 x 50,000
19 6,800 11,000
18 2,900 4,000
17 1,200 1,500
16 550 760
15 310 360
14 160 175
13 95 105
12 54 62
11 33 36
10 21.5 24
9 15 16
8 10 10.5
7 7.1 8
6 5 5.6
5 3.6 4
4 2.7 3.1
3 2 2.2
2 1.6 1.7
1 1.2 1.2

Other information:

  • The player's return rate is between 94.51% and 99.59%.
  • The maximum win in Cash or Crash is capped at €500,000.